The Thyroid Tuneup by Mary Shomon

The Thyroid Tuneup

"WHY isn't my thyroid treatment making me feel better? WHAT can I do differently?"

If you are asking yourself these questions, you're not alone. I've asked them myself in the past, and thousands of thyroid patients have also asked them during my more than two decades as a thyroid advocate.

The truth is, you're probably like most people with thyroid issues. You're getting mediocre, ineffective, same-old same-old, one-size-fits-all thyroid treatment. As a result, you're struggling with:
  • Regular and sometimes chronic, life-changing fatigue
  • Mood issues, including depression and anxiety
  • Weight gain, or difficulty losing weight
  • Brain fog and concentration problems
  • Thinning hair and hair loss
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Low sex drive
  • Body aches and pains
  • Constipation
  • Many other debilitating symptoms!
You know you deserve thyroid treatment that relieves your symptoms, and makes you feel energetic, alive, happy, healthy, and vibrant. But what does that treatment look like? And, how do you get it?

I can point you to medical journals and research, but, let's be honest: it's confusing! You shouldn't have to take a course in endocrinology just to understand your thyroid condition. And last I checked, there's no Babbel course to "Learn Fluent Doctor-Speak in Two Weeks!"
So, what to do? You could pick up the latest book. And guess what? You'll be getting thyroid advice from...a psychic medium!

I admit that some doctors could clearly benefit from a crystal ball, but do you really want thyroid guidance -- and a recommendation to drink gallons of raw celery juice -- from the same millionaire medium who channels your dear departed Aunt Gladys?!
Of course, you could try "thyroid supplements." Here's a secret: There's an army of shady supplement makers who mix up $2 worth of random ingredients, put up a jazzy web page with fake testimonials, and market their $79.99 bottles of "Magic Thyroid Pill" supplements to frustrated thyroid patients. (By the way, some of these supplements are Chinese imports filled with toxic contaminants.) "Pardon, me, madam, but would you like some lead and arsenic with your iodine?"
How about that never-before-known "Secret Thyroid Cure" being promoted online? Because of course, the very best, life-changing medical breakthroughs are always discovered by a random guy who flunked high school science, still lives in his mom's basement, and manages to make major scientific discoveries in between video gaming, a career he finances by selling you his $99 "special report" (which turns out to be 3 pages copied off of Wikipedia, by the way!)
So you turn on the TV. Look, it's a celebrity with thyroid disease! 
"Like, I stopped thyroid treatment, and started taking lots of bubble baths and eating organic kumquats, and now my thyroid is, like, totally cured!" 
Oh look! There's another interview with a talking-head doctor.
She's repeating the official party line like a robot in a lab coat:
"Thyroid disease is easy to pill a day...thyroid disease is easy to pill..."
 Emergency! Time for a reboot, stat!
And what about the cost? You're already spending far too much on insurance, doctors, and drug co-pays! Not to mention the money you're also laying out for experts, services, and products to help you lose weight, deal with thinning hair, or have more energy!
( And let's not forget that fancy turbo-juicer for the celery juice!)
You're already down one fully functional thyroid. You shouldn't have to give up an arm and a leg too!


Don't you want practical, proven advice...things you can actually do...things that make sense...things that actually WORK???!!!  
When your car is unreliable and not working right, you get a tuneup. A mechanic goes through your car with a checklist, looking at your brakes, the steering, tires, the engine, the fluids, the belts, the hoses. Then, you know what to fix, and fix what needs fixing, and voila! You have a car that performs better, is more reliable, and gets you where you need to go.

Your thyroid IS your body's hormonal and metabolic engine! So, why not do the same for your thyroid?

With a THYROID TUNEUP, you could not only what to check, but how to fix it! You would have checklists, tests, and repair plans, to help your thyroid perform better, be more reliable, and get you where you need to go~
And that's why I created the THYROID TUNEUP program! (And no, it doesn't come in a bottle!) 

The Warning Signs that You Need the Thyroid Tuneup

Here are some of the signs that it's time for a THYROID TUNEUP!

Your engine light is on! 
Are you tired all the time, gaining weight (or unable to lose weight), feeling depressed or anxious, brain fogged, and buying an extra-large bottle of Drano for all the hair clogging your drain? WARNING! These symptoms are your huge red thyroid warning light that never turns off! You don't have to feel this way, and after your THYROID TUNEUP, you won't! 
You're driving 15 mph when the speed limit is 65!
As a thyroid patient, it's not enough to have thyroid test levels that are in the fabled "normal range." To feel great and resolve symptoms, you most likely will need test results in the "OPTIMAL range." That means you need to know which tests are important, what the optimal ranges are for these tests--AND, how you reach them. Anything less, and you're driving in the shoulder with your flashers on, while everyone else passes you by. With the THYROID TUNEUP, you'll come away totally understanding the alphabet soup of tests -- TSH, Free T4, Free T3, TPO, and Reverse T3 -- AND exactly what they mean for your health. 
You're using cheap gas when you really need high-octane premium!
When you're hypothyroid, most doctors simply hand you a prescription for levothyroxine (usually Synthroid brand), pat your head, send you on your way, and tell you to come back in a year. Research shows that there are other prescription thyroid treatment options and combinations -- and one of them may do a far better job relieving your symptoms, including fatigue, weight gain, depression, brain fog, and hair loss. But if you keep putting in the wrong medication for you, you're just gunking up your metabolic engine. In the THYROID TUNEUP, I explain ALL your medication options (not just the one whose drug rep brought a fancy lunch platter from Panera to your doctor's office last week!)
Your thyroid needs a fuel injection!
There are a few nutrients, foods and supplements that are proven to help thyroid function. (Sorry, but that famed celery juice doesn't even make the list!) At the same time, there are some food and supplement no-nos that are like pouring sugar in your gas tank. You need the right food and nutritional fuel to power a tuned up thyroid, and it's all covered in the THYROID TUNEUP. 
There are rocks in your gas tank!
Speaking of gas tanks, if you have elevated thyroid antibodies and/or elevated Reverse T3, you might as well have rocks in your tank! They both can get in the way of thyroid health, and make it harder to resolve your lingering thyroid symptoms. How do you lower them? No worries. In the THYROID TUNEUP, you'll learn the key ways to help lower antibodies and Reverse T3 and put your thyroid back on the fast track. 
Your wires are crossed!
When you have inflammation or imbalances in your gut, it's like your wires are all crossed. Your immune system can malfunction, contributing to thyroid, hormone, and autoimmune problems.  In the THYROID TUNEUP, you'll learn key techniques that can help rewire your gut health for better health and relief of symptoms.

You're driving with your parking brake on!
If you're focusing all your attention on your thyroid and ignoring your adrenals and sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone (yes, I'm talking to you too, mister!) you may as well be driving around with the parking brake on! The endocrine system works as a team, and when one member of the team isn't working, chaos ensues! The THYROID TUNEUP will help you make sure that your adrenals and sex hormones aren't putting the brakes on your thyroid!
Your GPS is on the fritz!
Your nervous system and hormonal system -- including the thyroid -- take direction from the brain ...and that means that what you think and how you manage stress have important roles in how you feel physically. Think that's an airy-fairy, woo-woo idea? Actually, it's hard science, known as neuroendocrinology! When you neglect the mind-body connection, you're driving without a GPS (or even a map!) The THYROID TUNEUP provides you with practical, proven tools and tactics to navigate life's detours. 
You're driving under the influence!
Most of us are getting around 6 hours of sleep a night. That's known as "short sleep," and it means that you, your thyroid, and your other hormones are driving around totally under the influence...of sleep deprivation!  In your THYROID TUNEUP, you'll learn how to beat the rap, and change self-destructive and hormone-harming sleep patterns so your thyroid and hormones stay on a straight course!

Are you stuck by the side of the road? Are any of YOUR warning lights on?

That means it's time for your own THYROID TUNEUP!
The THYROID TUNEUP includes a THREE-PART ONLINE, ON-DEMAND VIDEO WORKSHOP, featuring life-changing information to help you feel and live well!

You can watch the videos on your desktop, tablet or phone, as often as you want, whenever you want, on YOUR schedule!
In less than 3 hours, you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to tune up your thyroid. 

The THYROID TUNEUP 3-Part Video Series

In Part 1 of the THYROID TUNEUP (1 hour), you'll learn everything you need to know about:

  • The difference between "reference/normal" ranges, and what OPTIMAL LEVELS for thyroid tests
  • The essential THYROID TESTS - names, abbreviations, what they measure, what results mean, and how to order them yourself when your doctor won't
  • ALL YOUR MEDICATION TREATMENT OPTIONS to treat your thyroid, and make sure it's tuned up and optimized
In Part 2 of the THYROID TUNEUP (1 hour), you'll get a thorough breakdown of:

  • Why testing for and reducing elevated THYROID ANTIBODIES and REVERSE T3 are so important -- and how to do it
  • How to test for ADRENAL AND SEX HORMONE imbalances, how they can complicate your thyroid treatment, and what you can do to get back in balance

Part 3 of the THYROID TUNEUP (40 minutes) covers:
  • Which FOODS & SUPPLEMENTS can help -- or hurt -- your thyroid
  • How STRESS and SHORT SLEEP gum up the whole works, creating a neuroendocrinology nightmare for you and your thyroid -- along with proven mind-body ways and supplements to get back in balance. (And NOo "thyroid chakra cleansing" is required!)
  • Detailed recommendations on how to TROUBLESHOOT YOUR THYROID TREATMENT, and key steps to take in your own successful THYROID TUNEUP!

And all of this life-changing information is presented in a video format, in easy-to-understand plain English! No mumbo-jumbo, just straightforward information you need in a way that makes it easy to take the next steps!

After your THYROID TUNEUP, you'll leave behind that tired thyroid that's barely chugging along at half-speed, and be ready to zoom!

The THYROID TUNEUP Owner's Manual

In addition to the THYROID TUNEUP Video Workshop, you'll get the THYROID TUNEUP OWNER'S MANUAL -- an easy-to-read ebook with more than 100 pages of information!
Think of it as the owner's manual and a toolkit for your thyroid -- one you can actually understand -- featuring ALL the information from the video program, and handy tools you can use, including charts, checklists, and links.
This digital book is yours to keep, and I know you'll refer to your THYROID TUNEUP OWNER'S MANUAL time and time again as you get your thyroid tuned up and running!

Are You Already Geared Up for a THYROID TUNEUP?

The THYROID TUNEUP program --including the almost three-hour, three-part video workshop and your 100+-page THYROID TUNEUP OWNER'S MANUAL -- is valued at more than $400, but I'm making the program available at the regular price is $97.
But I want to make it even more affordable for you early-birds who are eager to get back out on the road right away! Grab your THYROID TUNEUP by Friday, January 24th, at 9 pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern, and you'll pay only $47! 

Bonus Gifts!

Still wondering if the THYROID TUNEUP is for you? How about some BONUS GIFTS? (And they're way better than that free car wash you get with a fill-up!)

BONUS GIFT: The Two-Week Energy Overhaul Guide

This simple, proven TWO-WEEK-ENERGY OVERHAUL can dramatically improve your energy level -- in just two weeks!
Some of my coaching clients have reported a 75% improvement in their energy level in just THREE DAYS! You just might feel like a souped-up sports car!

BONUS GIFT: ThyroidThin Audit & Checklist Guide

Think you're doing everything right to lose weight, and not seeing the results on the scale? I've been there, done that (and have a box of all-black clothes that are now 4 sizes too big for me packed away to show for it!)

I lost 50 pounds, and you can too!
Review the ThyroidThin AUDIT & CHECKLIST, and you'll see what you may be missing on the fast track to weight loss.

BONUS GIFT: Detailing Guide for Hair, Brows & Lashes

Hair loss, dry brittle hair, and thinning brows and lashes are problems for both women and men with thyroid issues.
In the DETAILING GUIDE, you'll learn hormone- and nutrition-specific tips ways to slow and reverse hair loss, get your hair shining and polished up again!

BONUS GIFT: Thyroid Meditation Audio Program

Meditation is one of the most powerful mind-body ways ways to support hormonal balance. But when you hear the term "meditation," do you picture yourself sitting on the floor, twisted like a pretzel into an uncomfortable lotus position, making to-do lists in your head as your legs go numb? Fuhgedaboutit! It's actually a breeze!
Just pop on a pair of earbuds or headphones, put your feet up, and listen to your full-length 30-minute groundbreaking and popular THYROID MEDITATION AUDIO PROGRAM, from Demo DiMartile of One Light One Spirit. This 30-minute guided meditation was created just for thyroid patients, and helps you navigate through life stress, sleep better, and support your thyroid and hormonal health on every level. You'll tune out the negative impact of stress, tune in to your mind-body connection, -- and help tune up your thyroid! 
(This popular program sells for $13 online, but it's a free gift for you!)

Are You Ready for Your Thyroid Tuneup?

So, here it is: the full 2020 THYROID TUNEUP program, PLUS four bonus gifts! It's a program with a total value of more than $400!
And, if you're someone who wants to be ahead of the pack, take advantage of my Fast Track price of just $47 -- but only if you order by Friday, January 24th at 9 pm PST/Midnight EST

Remember, after that, the THYROID TUNEUP program will be available at the regular price of $97.  
Why not grab your copy now, and SAVE $50? (That's enough to buy an extra tank of gas -- or two, if you drive a compact!)
Stop trying to drive that old clunker on an obstacle course! GET YOUR THYROID TUNEUP TODAY, and make 2020 the year you -- and your tuned up thyroid -- finally put pedal to the metal and hit the open road at full speed!

The Thyroid Tuneup Includes:

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Your Thyroid Tuneup Program

Thyroid Tuneup Videos
Thyroid Tuneup Video: Part 1
55 mins
Thyroid Tuneup Video: Part 2
51 mins
Thyroid Tuneup Video: Part 3
43 mins
Thyroid Tuneup Owner's Manual
Thyroid Tuneup Owner's Manual
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Bonus: Guides
Two Week Energy Overhaul Guide
3.92 MB
Thyroid Thin Guide
3.78 MB
Detailing Guide: Hair, Brows & Lashes
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BONUS: The Thyroid Meditation MP3 Program
Thyroid Meditation Introduction - TRACK 1.mp3
8 mins
Thyroid Meditation - TRACK 2.mp3
31 mins

About Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is an internationally-known patient advocate, health coach, and New York Times bestselling author of 15 books on hormonal health, thyroid disease, and weight loss. 

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Remember, the Fast Track price of $47 for the full THYROID TUNEUP program is only available through Friday, January 24th, 9 pm Pacific / midnight Eastern! After that, the program price is $97.