Welcome! I'm Mary Shomon, and my mission is to help you get the crucial information and skills you need to navigate today's health care environment. Whether it's information-packed articles, comprehensive books, webinars, social media connection, or a personal, one-on-one coaching session, I'm here to help you take charge and truly LIVE WELL! 

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Hormonal Havoc and Weight Loss Solutions: Webinar and eBook

Free one-hour webinar on how hormonal havoc and imbalances can sabotage your weight loss. Includes free Hormonal Havoc Guide eBook.

Weight Loss Jumpstart Program

6-part video series, 4 eBook Guides, 6 live Q&A teleconferences, 30-minute Hormonal Balance meditation audio, and Facebook support group.
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Weight Loss Jumpstart PLUS+ Premium Program

The full Weight Loss Jumpstart Program, PLUS+ 6 group coaching sessions, 30-minutes "Hot Seat" Coaching and a 90-minutes coaching with Mary.
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The Thyroid Tuneup

Optimize your thyroid treatment, with this 3-part video series, Owner's Manual guide, plus 3 bonus guides, and 30-minute meditation audio.

Levothyroxine Deep Dive

COVID-19/Coronavirus: Special Report for Thyroid Patients

About Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is an internationally-known patient advocate, health coach, and New York Times bestselling author of 15 books on hormonal health, thyroid disease, and weight loss.