Levothyroxine Deep Dive by Mary Shomon

Levothyroxine Deep Dive

A free educational program, exploring everything you need to know about levothyroxine, the most commonly prescribed drug for hypothyroidism. 


Levothyroxine is the third most prescribed drug in the United States, and the most commonly-prescribed treatment for hypothyroidism. In this free Levothyroxine Deep Dive, created by patient advocate and best-selling author Mary Shomon, you'll learn everything you need to know about living well and feeling well when taking levothyroxine.

Part 1: Levothyroxine Options

A 19-minute informational video webinar that explores all your levothyroxine options -- tablets, capsules, oral solution -- along with the different brands and generic forms. This webinar also delves into the ingredients, fillers, and dyes, potency issues, and absorption challenges. 

Part 2: Levothyroxine Costs and Savings

If you’re a thyroid patient taking levothyroxine to treat your hypothyroidism, here’s an important question: Are you paying too much? The answer will surprise you: You may be one of the 50 percent of thyroid patients who are overpaying for this common medication that treats an underactive thyroid. Part 2 looks at the costs of levothyroxine, and how you can stop overpaying, and even enjoy extra savings on the cost of your monthly medication! 

Part 3: Resolving Levothyroxine Challenges

When it comes to resolving your hypothyroidism, your thyroid hormone replacement drug is a foundation for living and feeling well with an underactive thyroid. Here’s the question EVERYONE asks: What’s the best thyroid drug? The answer? The BEST thyroid medication for you is the one – or the particular combination – that best relieves your symptoms…SAFELY.
What should you do if your current levothyroxine treatment isn’t relieving your symptoms, and isn’t helping you feel and live well? That’s the question we answer in Part 3. You'll identify key challenges you may be facing with your levothyroxine treatment, and troubleshoot the solutions that can help get you back to feeling and living well. 

Book: The Complete Guide to Levothyroxine

To complement your Levothyroxine Deep Dive webinar program, be sure to download your free 93-page PDF copy of the Complete Guide to Levothyroxine. You'll want to regularly refer to this helpful and comprehensive guide as you manage and optimize your hypothyroidism treatment, to truly feel and live well!

Levothyroxine Factsheets

Get a downloadable PDF factsheet for each brand of levothyroxine, and for the generic versions of the medication. With clickable links to key resources online, information on ingredients, and savings programs for each drug, including Levoxyl, Synthroid, Tirosint, Tirosint-SOL, Unithroid, and generic levothyroxine.

About Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is an internationally-known patient advocate, health coach, and New York Times bestselling author of 15 books on hormonal health, thyroid disease, and weight loss.