COVID-19/Coronavirus: Special Report for Thyroid Patients by Mary Shomon

COVID-19/Coronavirus: Special Report for Thyroid Patients

Guide: Latest Update 4/7/20

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus outbreak, and let’s face it, the current situation is frightening. There’s also a great deal of misinformation and speculation out there, which makes the whole crisis even more difficult. 

What do you need to know? And, as a thyroid patient, is there anything different or special you should do? How do the recommendations apply to you as a thyroid patient?

I teamed up with THYROID Refresh®  to put together the most reliable information we could find. We want to  help get you up to speed on what you need to know about COVID-19. We hope you find this free 52-page downloadable PDF special report, presented in a "Q&A" format, a helpful resource. 
We will do our best to continue to issue revised and updated editions of this guide as this fast-moving situation evolves and new information becomes available. Our primary sources for up-to-the-minute official information on COVID-19 are the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) page at, and the World Health Organization (WHO) page on COVID-19/Coronavirus, located at

Please remember that this guide is for your information, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. If you have concerns or questions about your health, symptoms, travel plans, or risks, please contact your health care provider.

2-Page Fact Sheet

You can also download our 2-page Coronavirus/COVID-19 Fact Sheet, with guidelines on proper hand-washing technique, risk groups, symptoms, and social distancing. 

Detailed Symptoms Chart

Download this graphic featuring detailed information on COVID-19 symptoms. 

Facebook Live on Coronavirus/COVID-19 Info for Thyroid & Autoimmune Patients (3/18/20)

We hosted a Facebook Live Q&A Video on Coronavirus/COVID-19: Information for Thyroid Patients. This 70-minute video Q&A is available to watch online at Facebook at:
There is also a copy of the video available to view when you register (free) to get the free report and factsheet. 

Let's Stay Informed Together!

When you register to get your free download of the Special Report, we'll also be able to ensure that you receive notifications of updates, live broadcasts, and other resources on COVID-19. 

On behalf of Danna Bowman and Ginny Mahar of THYROID Refresh, we all urge you to stay well and live well!

~ Mary Shomon 

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